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Senior management

Aleksey Viktorovich Shafranov
Senior Vice President for Commerce and Operations of SG-trans OJSC

Since 2013 — Senior Vice President for Commerce and Operations of SGH-trans OJSC.

2008-2013 — worked and senior management posts in PGK OJSC.

Since 2011 served as First Deputy General Director of PGK OJSC for Commerce and Operations.

Worked for more than 12 in Omsk Center of Petroleum Handling, a division of Gazprom Neft OJSC.

In 1996 graduated Institute of World Economy (IMEK) with honors.

Sergey Vladimirovich Kaletin
Senior Vice President — Chief Engineer

Since 2014 — Senior Vice President — Chief Engineer of SG-trans OJSC.

2008-2014 — Deputy General Director for Technical Development of PGK OJSC. 2006-2008 — First Deputy Head of Rolling Stock Department of RZHD OJSC (Russian Railways). Prior to that was employed at various positions at the South Ural Railways.

Graduated Ural Railway Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Institute.

Aleksandr Aleksandrovitch Mitusov
Vice President for Legal Issues

Since 2014 — Vice President for Legal Issues of SG-trans OJSC.

2005-2013 — First Deputy Minister of Transportation of the Moscow Region. Previously worked for the Moscow Region Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Graduated Saratov Institute of Law named after D.I. Kursky.

Was awarded with II class Order of Merit for the Fatherland, as well as Veteran of Public Prosecutor’s Office. He is an Honorable Procuracy Worker of the Russian Federation.

Andrey Mukhamedovich Shevtsov
Vice President for Technical Development of SG-trans OJSC

Since 2013 — Vice President for Technical Development of SG-trans OJSC.

2009 — 2012 — Head of Operations Infrastructure and Engineering Policy Department, Head of Rolling Stock Operation Department of Pervaya Gruzovaya Companiya OJSC.

Previously worked at top managerial positions at Oktyabrskaya Railway and in other divisions of RZHD OJSC.

In 1988 graduated Leningrad Institute of Railway Engineering named after V.N. Obraztsov, awarded Order of Lenin and Order of the October Revolution.

Konstantin Alexandrovich Voevodin
Financial Director of SG-trans OJSC

Since 2013 — Financial Director of SG-trans OJSC.

2007 −2012 — Head of Economy Department of Pervaya Gruzovaya Companiya OJSC (First Freight Company).

Previously was employed by the leading Russian companies: YUKOS-M Trading House LLC, YUKOS Refining and Marketing CJSC, RSM TOP-SUDIT LLC and Port Audit LLC.

In 1998 graduated from Tyumen State University. In 2003 studied in Russian State Open University of Communications.